The Sarthe Valley, a creator’s paradise.

Potters, ceramists, wood turners, glass makers, artists…

The Sarthe Valley invites you to discover its craftsmen and their art. 


Those with creative and artisticsides will be in their element.


First on your list should be Malicorne-sur-Sarthe and the art gallery at La Pellerie in Ligron.
If you are interested in leather craft, you should stop off at Souligné-Flacé to see the Abollée Créations Cuir. 
And don’t miss seeing the work of craftsmen in the Vègre Valley, the Verr I Kiti workshop, Bois tournés (Wood-turning), Cuir de Bohème (leather), the Atelier du temple (ceramist) and the Galerie d’art des Forges (art gallery and tea rooms).
In the Sablé area, you will be love the workshop of Monika Stier who makes and restores porcelain dolls and bears. Be sure to make time for Sablé-sur-Sarthe’s two art galleries : "A l'homme volant" and "Chateau de Villeneuve"
The tour of Valley’s craftsmen continue in Anjou with a visit to a workshop specializing in the fabrication of zithers.



Download the circuit here



At Asnières-sur-Vègre 

Asnières-sur-toile : A painting exhibition and competiton with musical accompionement held in the street of the medival village of Asnières-sur-Vègre1st - 2nd of June 2013

At Malicorne-sur-Sarthe

Les chemins en couleurs : An autumn stroll in and around the village to meet artists exhibiting their work, both sculptures and paintings. 12th -13th October 2013.

At Dureil

"CROQUEZ DUREIL" : An amateur exhibition taking place from the 17th to the 29th August 2013. Held in the village hall from 14h30 to 19h.

At Fillé-sur-Sarthe

AFTER PULS'ART - 8th – 9th June – at L’île MoulinSart – live work using different techniques, an evening with the artists in the Guinguette, live music – entry free.
LES DIMANCHES D'ÉTÉ SUR L'ÎLE MOULINSARTArt in the streets: circus, music, theatre, puppets… - summer Sundays - entry free.