En situation de handicap

Below you will find a complete list of our accessible and approved sites also there is an incomplete list of the accessible sites that aren’t approved.


A complete list of all our accessible and approved sites.


L’Espace Faience proposes a fun filled interactive visit. There are 2 000 m² of permanent and tempory exhibitions during which you can discover the ceramics and its history in an educational and theatrical way.
It is approved for 4 handicaps
Déficience moteur Physical handicap: The buildings and the exhibitions are accessible to wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility by a lift, a system of doorways and ramps.
Déficience visuelle Visual handicap: A lectern containing clay, tools and tactile elements permit an appreciation of fabrication techniques and old collections of the museum. Available on request.
It is possible to have a guide on reservation.
Déficience auditive Audio handicap: a guided visit to the museum is available to read. The film shown in the auditorium has subtitles.
Déficience mentale Mental handicap: An active participation of the Handi-Moi Oui, a festival to live together.
For more information on this museum, go to its page  ! 


Au cIn the heart of the Sarthe Valley, in green surroundings, Marylise and Jean-Noël welcome you to their farm to let you discover the world of farming.
The owners obtained the label of “Tourism and Handicap” for all these categories:    Déficience moteur Physical handicap, Déficience visuelle  visual handicap, Déficience auditive audio handicap, Déficience mentale mental handicap.
For more information on this bed and breakfast, see their page ! 

The following are some of the accessible unofficial sites.


Spaycific' Zoo

A zoo unlike all others !

A great idea for the family, this trail is an interactive learning experience. Adults and children alike will be captived ! 
This park is accessible :
 For people who have reduced mobility. The trail is flat and smooth so it is perfectly adapted to our visitors in wheelchairs. For those who are unaccompanied, a radio will be given to you at the welcome desk enabling you to call an attendant to help you enter the bird houses with airlock doors.
 For those who have difficulty seeing, an audio-guide is available.
For more information,  see the Zoo page !


A Faire à Cheval

 This company offers excursions to able bodied and to wheel-chair bound and hadicapped persons in a « caleche » (carriage with adjustable hood). These trips leave from the site, or from a place of your own choice. Excursions take from an hour to a day, or several days – you choose. Groups are made up of 6, 12, or 21 persons.
For more information, see the page !

You can also discover the nature trail of Tennie that will welcome you for a family walk in the heart of the unspoilt countryside. With disabled access, the 1.2km trail in Tennie, starting at the camping de la Vègre, has been awarded the Tourism and Handicap label.




Every week, the Tourist office at Sablé puts words or expressions on youtube to help you learn sign language. 


Example : Hello