Malicorne, Ville Métiers d'Art

Malicorne, cité de la faïence

Travel back in time with the tradition of the potters...

where the clay is still worked in the old ways...

Between Le Mans and Angers, on a bend in the River Sarthe, Malicorne has been known for its pottery since Jean Loiseau lit his first kiln here in 1747.

From the first simple earthenware pieces sold in the rural surroundings to the elaborate decorated open work of today, Malicorne pottery has become world famous.

Using the old methods and tools, the workers “savoir-faire” is exceptional and unique to Malicorne. Awarded the title “Ville et métiers d’Art” in 2005, Malicorne preserves its artistic dynamism through its two old, established potteries, a number of recent additional craftsmen and the museum Malicorne Espace Faience, a classified national museum.