Notre Dame du Chêne

The finish of the largest pilgrimage in the Le Mans diocese.

5kms away from Solesmes, at Vion, is the Basilique Notre Dame du Chêne, with its small terracotta statue, the finish for a pilgrimage between the two viilages, attracting both the religious and the curious.

Legend says that in the fifteenth century James Buret, parish priest, decorated an old tree with a statue of theVirgin with the Infant Jesus in her arms. Shortly afterwards Our Lady appeared in the village. This was the beginning of the pilgrimages to Chapel du Chêne which continue tothis day. The tiny terra-cotta statue of Our Lady can be seen in the basillica, and the history of Chapel du Chêne is told in full by beautiful wall paintings which surround her in the choir of the church. 





In the adjoining grounds, there is an identical copy of the Sacred Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Constructed in 1896, it is principally a cross commemorating the visit of Pope Urbain II to Sablé and Le Mans eight centuries earlier. This cross was then taken by boat to Jerusalem where pilgrims carried it on the road where Jesus himself carried his cross. Later, it was brought back and erected at Notre-Dame du Chêne. This calling of the pilgrims then led to the construction of the tomb in a landscaped park.



The Spiritual Centre offers a place of silence, prayer, brotherly contact, religious readings and Christian teaching...

This centre welcomes those who are seeking guidance, looking for God, who are looking to renew their Faith or to develop their spiritual knowledge in a retreat, either for a few hours or a few days.

 A boutique is situated near the main entrance.




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