Hallmark of quality : a working model towards success and efficiency




Putting in place a quality label takes enormous amount of time, cooperation and the enthusiasm of everybody who works in the tourist office.
It can’t take place without the direct involvement of the director. 
This approach will result in increased efficiency in the organization, in the work and in the services rendered and the benefits of which are mostly internal but with some external. 



  • A better organisation of daily routine
  • Increased professionalism within the team
  • Permanent evaluation of progress
  • A tool to help animate the area
  • A means of measuring the actions taken
  • A tool for adapting the services to the wishes of the client
  • A means of continuity of activities and employment
  • A tool to help councillors with their decisions


  • To stand out and measure their performance in a competitive environment
  • Develop client loyalty
  • Become the example for other tourist organisations
  • Change the way local partners look at the tourist office.  




Since 2005, the Offices de Tourisme de France® have ministerial delegation to attribute the label Qualité Tourisme to tourist offices wishing to take part in the program. 


Why obtain the label ?

The label represents the end result of an investigation into quality.

It permits the tourist office to :

  • Obtain a label recognised by the minister
  • Communicate on a recognised and rewarded program
  • Reinforce the professional image of the tourist office amongst its tourist partners.
  • Position the tourist office as a reference in quality by its partners  
  • Improve the interface between the area and its visitors
  • Reinforce the tourist office network


Tourist offices which have obtained the label meet objectives in :

  • The quality of the welcome
  • The comfort of the premises
  • Information and communication
  • Competence of the personnel
  • Promotion of local services
  • Client satisfaction      




Tourism office of Sablé has the quality label