A multitude of activities to do with the children can be found in this section. 

A multitude of activities to do with the children can be found in this section. Your children will no longer be bored…

Come and discover Spaycific’Zoo, a zoo unlike any other that is dedicated to children: there are games relating to the animals, the trail is full of question and answer panels (How do you tell the sex of the birds? What are the spines of a porcupine made of?), riddles to solve…

Serval Spaycific'zoo                   

For more information, visit the section on  Spaycific'zoo.


A few kilometres from the zoo, you will love the L’île MoulinSart: an ideal place for family picnics (grassy amphitheatre, play areas, hammocks, exhibitions, demonstrations of flour grinding, canoeing). L’île MoulinSart offers the experience of a unique cultural discovery within a beautiful natural environment. Its grounds, covering more than 3 ha, are a lovely place for family walks including a children’s play area.



For more information, visit the section on MoulinSart.


Not far from Fillé, the domaine du Houssay at Spay offers you mini-golf, fishing and swimming. 


Descending through our beautiful valley, you will arrive at Malicorne-sur-Sarthe.

While you visit the museum, your children can try their hand at pottery in the Barbotine workshop or on the beginners’ courses proposed by the  l'Espace Faïence.


For more information on the workshops of the Espace Faïence or those proposed by the Vallée de la Sarthe, see the section  : "courses and workshops"

Also at Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, enjoy a day on the river, hiring small boats, pedalos, canoes or kayaks from the Tourist Office.


Next to Dureil, Fred proposes beginner courses in pottery for children and adults, 2 Tuesday evenings or 2 Saturday mornings a month, one session to make an object and the second to decorate it. All techniques are used.

For more information, see the section :  "courses and workshops"


Following the river towards the Maine-et-Loire, the Maison de la rivière allows children to learn the work of the mariners and the history of navigation on the rivers in the Maine basin.


In the Valley of the Vègre, you can take part in a genuine treasure hunt to discover the Mysterious phrase… Your children like adventure and like to find treasure, so go to the Syndicat d’initiatives at Brûlon where you will be given your first clue. At Brûlon, you can also go canoeing on the Vègre and profit from all activities at the Fred Chouvier leisure centre and its lake.

For walkers, nature outings are proposed by local associations. For more information, see our section :  "Walks and Nature".

If you are at Sablé in mid July, don’t miss Rock ici Mômes, a rock festival for children that is unique in France, followed by Nuits d’Eté, 2 free evening concerts in the grounds of the chateau. More information on

Fishing cards for children and adults are available in some tourist offices. 
For swimming, there are a number of supervised sites, lakes, aquatic centers and public swimming pools. See the section  Bathing.