Spaycific'Zoo, a zoo unlike all others


Coati, Maki, et Ouistiti
Welcome to an exoctic haven of different species at Spaycific’Zoo.
Originally a bird garden created in 1989 by Claude Héron, a Sarthe-born bird lover, it was struggling to survive when Stéphanie Pacitto took it over in 1996. She soon got is back up and running, adding a new African aviary with a surface area of more than 2500 m² and 12m high. It is the largest of its kind in France. The feeding time for the marabout, the sacred Egyptian Ibis and the magnificent white pelicans has become one of the parks highlights. In 2002, Emmanuel Lemonnier, former manager of the Domaine de Pecheray animal sanctuary joined Stéphanie, they are now married.
The following year the bird garden expanded with the creation of the "exotarium", a completely covered area housing rare species of mammals, insects and reptiles. Explore the softly lit exotarium, home to armadillos, bats and marsupials... Children love creeping through the transparent tunnel amongst the snakes. To mark the change the bird garden was renamed Spaycific'Zoo.
A great idea for the family, this trail is an interactive learning experience. Adults and children alike will be captivated ! 

The zoo is particulary well adapted for children of all ages. Not just the ease of viewing and conception of the enclosures but also the layout and the games which allow the children to amuse themselves and to better learn about the animals at the same time.

The “Questions – answers” boards are to be found all around the park. An easy way to encourage interaction between children, parents and grandparents.

The zoo also offers games called “Zoo’ludique” which encourages the children to imitate the animals, like walking with webbed feet or hanging from a bar like bats, etc. There are many other games available to try. 



© Guy Durand

Spaycific’Zoo has puppet shows. For the 7/10 year olds there is an awareness to our environment, for example the cutting down of the Amazon rainforest or egg-laying species presented in a entertaining way. For the younger ages, 4/7 year olds, there is a show called “Coucouloucoucou la poule”.


The park is designed to get close to the animals, you can enter many of the enclosures. 


Activities are organised during weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. Lasting about 20 minutes, they let visitors interact with the keepers and ask questions about the lives of the animals.

 For the people who have reduced mobility. The trail is flat and smooth so it is perfectly adapted to our visitors in wheelchairs. For those who are unaccompanied, a radio will be given to you at the welcome desk enabling you to call an attendant to help you enter the bird houses with airlock doors.

 For those who have difficulty seeing, an audio-guide is available.


For more information, see their website : Spaycific'Zoo